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This is what some of our customers have said about us.

" I've reviewed several search engine submission programs, and this definitely seems to be one of the best if not the best. "
Tucson Mobile - Robert Sammons

" More impressive than my original purchase, is the speed of new features being constantly banged out. You guys are on overdrive, whereas your competiton is still "considering" features that may be included for their next update in 6-9 months. Keep it up! "
HB Central - Diane Stevenson

" This software was a breeze to install. Fantastic... "
DrCgi - Peter Ronan

" Webmaster-Tools does a great job with the updates and keeping the product up to date. " - Keith Teicher

" It's all about two things really. A quality product and great customer service. Webmaster-Tools has both of these. Really, your software script is super and you are always there for me whenever I have question or to help me on the technical end of things. Keep up the fantistic work. " - Jeff Botheroyd

" After playing around with the demos for every major search submission software, or script available on the web...Recieving disappointment, upon frustration, upon disappointment...I found there is hope after all...Webmaster-Tools! "
Our Daily Cross Ministries - Shane Lathrom

" I have worked with Webmaster-Tools for several years and have nothing but high praise for their dedication, hard work and commitment to their clients. The software they create always gets better and better and always exceeds my expectations. " - Chris Gilbert

" As one of the oldest search engine submission firms today Site Screamer has seen a lot of software come and go. We helped developed AddWeb4 in 2000 and can say that this service is the real deal and that Webmaster-Tools always strives to better their product and keep it up to date with the times. "
Site Screamer - Roger Swartz

" Webmaster-Tools has really helped us jump start our online biz. Before we were always behind our competitors, thanks to CPS were now ahead of them, in 91% of the search engines. " -

" Great software suite. I use it to bolster my software and people love it. It gives a huge value added bonus to my traffic software! " - Peter Wolfing

" After useing the support manager service, I am able to spend less time on my customer support inquiries and more time focusing on development. This service has been a great addition to my site! "
Design Innovation - Dan Tolsen

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