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Our award winning software allows you to instantly offer additional services to your current customer base. Forget the months of development time, purchase our software and be up and running right away.  View Products - View Services
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Become a member today and our system will enable you to setup unlimited auto-responders. Turbo-charge your email marketing efforts.

How does this service Increase Your Sales ?
Research has shown that it takes most people atleast 5 instances of contact to induce a sale. Our system can automate the task of following up with your potential customers every so many days, any number of days after they have been added into your system and even on a certain date.

Is there anything to install on my computer?
This service works in the background. After setting up your accounts the system works on autopilot to market your message to your customer lists. There is absolutely no software to install.

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" More impressive than my original purchase, is the speed of new features being constantly banged out. You guys are on overdrive, whereas your competiton is still "considering" features that may be included for their next update in 6-9 months. Keep it up! "
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