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CustomerSupport Server
Offer a Customer Support Service

This software allows you to easily start offering a full-featured customer support service to your customers. Help your customers manage their Internet customer relations with ease!
CustomerSupport Server FAQ
The customer support server easily allows you to run your own support service while charging your customers a monthly subscription fee.

We have included some frequently asked questions and answers below:

General Questions

Please contact us if you still have any unanswered questions.

What programming language is the CustomerSupport Server software written in?
Our software is mostly written in php. However, we use a MySQL database as well as DHTML and AJAX for the live chat feature.

What are the server requirements to run the CustomerSupport Server software ?
The CustomerSupport Server software requires PHP 4 or 5, sendmail or nt equal, w3c compliant browser, unix/linux or windows operating system.

How can I make money by using the CustomerSupport Server software?
You can simply charge your clients monthly fees and quickly build a viral income that increases every month. We have clients that are using our software to generate tens of thousands of dollars every month.

What if I have problems with the installation ?
A representative will install the system on your server for free for your initial installation.

Can I customize the html pages and email messages ?
Yes. Everything the user views when using the system is 100% customizable. Our easy to use template system allows you to conform the look and feel of the client area to your current website design.

Can I install the CustomerSupport Server system on a shared server hosting account?
Yes you can install our software on a shared hosting account. We have many clients that do not have their own dedicated machines.

How long does it take to receive my software after purchasing?
Our ordering system is 100% automated. You will receive a password for our support area instantly after you complete your order. You can then download our software, submit an installation request or submit a support request using our web-based interface.

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" After useing the support manager service, I am able to spend less time on my customer support inquiries and more time focusing on development. This service has been a great addition to my site! "
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